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Working across a broad range of media including; sculpture, installation, painting and drawing, Flo’s output communicates a sense of frantic creativity. Following his graduation from Goldsmiths College in 2001 with Master of Arts in Design Futures, John Flo has been actively involved in the creative process and undertook a variety of projects for the Private and the Public Sector in London and abroad. Installations for American Private Banks and multinational Corporations, Brand Upgrade Collateral for British Institutions, Design Prototypes and Research Reports for the European Commission are only a few of his long experience as a creative professional.

Deconstructing modes of thinking and looking, Flo’s work rethink the disciplines of perception. His uncompromising spirit that constantly questions the nature of things is evident through his rebellious –almost caricatured- presentation of the themes that inspire him such as social behaviors, spiritual ethics, norms, and the bourgeoisie of modern Puritanism.

Nothing is taken for granted: each work is a uniquely decentering and radically expansive rethinking of frames and compositions.

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